Electric Griddle Recipes

Presto 07046 Tilt 'n DrainEvery pancake recipe is worth a try. The perfect pancake is fluffy, tender, and moist. Making delicious pancakes has to begin with the perfect batter.

Secrets to delicious electric griddle recipes.

  • The first secret is to mix quality ingredients together following appropriate amount for each of the ingredients. If it calls for 1 cup of milk, don’t attempt to add extra half with the simple thought of making something creamier.
  • The second is on how you prepare the ingredients. Sieving is very important. Even if you are sure the flour is clear, always sieve. This is the secret to a soft and lush batter. Sift the flour just before cooking your pancakes. If you do these things correctly, you are on your way to amazingly delicious and easy pancakes.
  • The third secret is to use only fresh and well-beaten eggs. Slowly pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients while constantly stirring. This is to ensure that all ingredients are blended well. Use a wooden spoon.
  • Don’t underestimate salt and sugar. They should be dissolved properly and separately. This is the fourth secret. You don’t like to eat granules of salt in your pancakes! You would need a good mixing bowl to mix wet ingredients.
  • Secret number five is to let the pancakes cook on the electric griddle or pan for about 1 to 3 minutes until tiny bubbles have formed all across the top of the pancake. Then Flip the pancake over and keep cooking on the other side for few minutes until they turn golden brown.
  • While still warm, serve the pancakes immediately with a topping of your choice. Traditionally, plain butter and syrup are used. But if you like to do something different, flavored syrups, marmalade’s, jams and sliced fruits can be wonderful.

One common mistake we do when making pancakes is not following the order and certain procedures in the preparation. To achieve the right smoothness and taste, begin with the right consistency in your batter. But see to it your mix is not too thick so the batter can spread out – this makes it much easier to cook it through.

This Sunday, why not impress family or friends with a puffy pancake that holds wholesome taste and ingredients. You can even enjoy making simple mix-your-own batters with your kids, and if you know how to substitute some of the ingredients with berries, nuts and apples then you can enjoy eating them every so often.